On a box spring bed, the spine and muscles will find optimal relaxation through the interaction of the spring box, mattress, and topper. Because the system is punctually compliant, the spine automatically assumes a straight position when lying down. Tension and cramps cannot arise in the first place. Breathable materials and good moisture transport ensure a healthy sleep environment. You will see: The proverbial “sleep as on clouds” is not an empty phrase in a box spring bed. If you want to know what true sleeping comfort is, you should just spend a rehearsal night in a box spring bed.

Incidentally, the box spring system offers even more advantages: many people find the higher entry-level very comfortable. Not only the elderly or those with reduced mobility enjoy the much easier way of getting out of bed thanks to the comfortable bed height. Even the entry is made much easier by the comfortable height of the lying area. Explore huge range of branded queen size mattress sales online at affordable price.

Does Box spring bed little variable?

Wherever it comes from: The rumor that the inflexible construction of a box spring bed is not individually customizable persists stubbornly. In the case of high-quality models, exactly the opposite is the case: there is hardly a sleep system that is as flexible, variable and individually adaptable as a box spring bed.

Starting with the degree of hardness of the spring frame on the material and design of the mattress to the special properties of different types of toppers, the box spring system can be very specific and very precisely adapted to the individual needs of each sleeper. And that’s not all: sleeping two people with different demands on their sleeping pad in a bed, a split spring box ensures that both sleepers get an optimal sleeping pad. More flexibility is not possible!

Good advice is important

In order for your Box spring system to be tailored to your personal needs, you need competent and very individual advice.

Box spring will benefit you very much. And your back pains will be removed. We hope that everything you have come to understand as explained above.